Creative CV: The Iceberg Principle

So two posts ago, I figured out that my brand should probably involve some water and a fair bit of adventure. One post ago, I realized time is like a ninja, stealthy and swift. Today, I’ve figured out that Photoshop is both mighty and vindictive, giving one minute and frustratingly obtuse the next. Still Photoshop and I did have some fun times, laughing as I tried to manage too many layers, joking as I messed with fonts, and a fight here or there over who has final say on graphic placement.

Having said that, I now tastefully transition into presenting my two-sided CV. Why two-sided? Because if you have time to print a paper, why not print a two-sided piece of paper. Please note, much of my inspiration came from checking out the fantastic CVs already out there, done by super creative folks of immense skill, poise, and gumption. Much of my inspiration came from here and here.

Now onto the front page. First, I do confess that I’m still trying to figure out my copy, but I think it works as a teaser for the more important side of my CV. What do you think?


And now the main course, the portion that has caused Photoshop and I to elope, get a quickie divorce  remarry again and enter couples counseling.

Iceberg CV Side 1

So what do you think? Too campy? Too awesome? Have an “eeh” response? Makes you thirsty? Want more or less copy? Need more and/or less climbers? Should I add a whale for water context?

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